Family winery, from Szekszárd.

Vineyard: 14 ha

The first bottle: 2002

Cellar: built 2006-2011, 30 m

Vineyard location: Saul valley, Puksz valley, Előhegy, Leányvár, Cinka

Wine grape varieties: Riesling, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Kadarka, Kékfrankos,
Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon

Vine training: VSP with arched canes, mid-high cordon

Vinestock age: 1 – 30 years

Vineyardwork: mechanised and manual labor

Grape harvest: fully manual using crates

Support system: 3 m x 1m / 2,5 m x 0,79 m

Tractors: MTZ, Landini Rex

Wines: varietal wine, Rosé, Siller, Smile Cuvée, Bull’sblood, Cuvée from Saul

Wine making: directed reductive fermentation, reductive/ oxidative aging

Bottles: burgundy/ bordeaux , screw cap/ cork


The historical winecounty of Szekszard lies 150 kms south of Budapest sorrounded by the Gemenc National Park, the plain of Sárköz and the hillsides of the Mecsek. From Zomba to Báta 12 townships embrace over 2000 acres of vineyards. Given the pleasent climate, relief and soil aptitudes harmonious conditions are ensured for quality winemaking either red or white grape varieties are considered.

Wines of the region

Throughout centuries many have been devoted to the wines of this region, including   János Garay and Mihály Babits hungarian writers or Pope Pius IX.  White wines from Szekszárd are characterised by their lucious, ardent yet mellow traits. Main whitewine varietes subsume Riesling Italian, Chardonnay and Traminni. The regional red wines, known for their deepred, full-bodied, velvety tartness are internationally acknowledged throughout Europe. Szekszárd has been famous for the Kadarka for centuries. This specific variety, domesticated and planted by balcanic migrants escaping the turkish invasion has reached their renaissance.
. The Kadarka grape is traditionally trained to stakes. It’s rubyred, spicey, fruity wine inspired Schubert when writing the „Trout-quintet”. The Blaufrankish, Blauer Portugieser, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot are among famous brands too.

The Bull’s blood is a particularly popular blend that combines at least three wines. Ranging from garnet red to deep ruby, with flavours and aromas presenting rich, spicy and fruity characteristics, without a tannin accent that compliments roasts and game.

The Bull’sblood was first designated by János Garay in his poem called Drinking song from Szekszárd:

„Pour it in your glass and though you shall see a miracle. The true colour of the bull’s blood. ”

The majority of these exquisite wines can be tasted in local, intimate wine cellars, right where they were produced, accompanied by the expert explanation of the winemaker.




Fresh, crisp, reductive white wine with refreshingly brisk acidity, enriched with CO2 to discreetly bedazzle all light-wine enthusiasts. Tasting of rich citruses this wine is great as an aperitif or ideal with white meat and fish dishes. Serve chilled.

Vintage: 2019

Grape variety: 100% Riesling Italian

Terroir: Leányvár

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 0,9 g/l

Total acidity: 6,5 g/l

Fermentation: reductive



This blend possesses a fresh aromatic complexity with floral aromas and notes of petrol with the characteristic citrus flavors on palate. Pairs best with entrees, salads and seafood.

Vintage: 2019

Grape variety: 100% Rheinriesling

Terroir: Leányvár

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 1,1 g/l

Total acidity: 6,9 g/l

Fermentation: reductive



Intense spicy bouquet, reminiscnet of muscatels. This note consistently appears in the flavor augmented by the eloquent, peculiar spine of acidity. The long, persistent crispiness is assured by the CO2. Recommended for all admirers of fragrant wines.

Vintage: 2019

Grape variety: 100% Cserszegi Fűszeres

Terroir: Előhegy, Leányvár

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 0,8 g/l

Total acidity: 6,3 g/l

Fermentation: reductive



Our rosé combines the luscious and frisky Merlot with Blaufrankisch, pleasently blending in a delicate, balmy, refreshing thirst-slaking merger. Exquisite aperitif when chilled, inevitable accompaniment of grilled dishes.

Vintage: 2019

Grape variety: 80% Blaufrankisch, 20% Merlot

Terrain: Leányvár, Saul-valley

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 1 g/l

Total acidity: 5,4 g/l

Fermentation: reductive



„Fuxli” denominates a new wine brand brought to life by a group of producers in Szekszard, whom we joined with true enthusiasm. The brand pairs Blaufrankish with Merlot resulting in a reinvigorating madley of sweet strawberries,sloe, deliciously tart blackcurrents, and raspberries. It adapts very well to pork, charcuteries including coldcuts and goat cheese, minestrones, cream soups.

Vintage: 2015

Grape variety: 70%, Blaufrankish, 30% Merlot

Terrain: Saul-valley, Előhegy

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 1,1 g/l

Total acidity: 5,6 g/l

Fermentation: reductive



One of our beloved brands, from the tops of the Saul-valley’s terrain, planted in 2012. The spicey yet fruity flavours of the clone P9 are trustfully revealed by this wine. Delightfully complements simple one-pot meals, cheese or italian pasta dishes.

Vintage: 2019

Grape variety: 100% Kadarka

Terrain: Saul-völgy

Alcohol: 13 % vol.

Sugar content: 1 g/l

Total acidity: 5,3 g/l

Fermentation: reductive



Our most reliable blend rejoicing us every year with a splendid wine. Intesnse deep red in color, with bold, well-balanced, acidity. The pronounced bouquet reminds of ripe dark black cherries and notes of mulberries. Tints of the oak wood barrel discreetly lurke in the background leaving the lush, fruit forward flavors in the spotlight.

Vintage: 2018

Grape variety: 100% Blaufrankish

Terrain: Leányvár, Saul-valley, Előhegy

Alcohol: 13 % vol.

Sugar content: 1,2 g/l

Total acidity: 5,3 g/l

Fermentation: reductive,matured for 8 months in oak wood barrel



Not only does this denomination depict the character of this wine, but it also referrs to our family’s joyfulness and hospitality. This wine brings a smile whenever it is tasted. The reason might partly be the intense and unremitting fruity aroma gently held by the barrel. Another explanation would be its „value for money” ratio or the gladsome side effects occuring after a few glasses.

Vintage: 2014

Grape variety: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 25% Blaufrankish

Terrain: Saul-völgy

Alcohol: 14 % vol.

Sugar content: 1 g/l

Total acidity: 4.7 g/l

Matured 18 months in oak wood barrel prior bottling



An eloquent, full-bodied red wine, with intense ruby red colour reflections, and lusciously attractive aromatic novelty. Due to the new barrel aging, deliberate strokes of vanilla paint themselves on a canvas of sour cherries and mulberries. A crisp, warm-fragrant structure of ripe fruits leading into a velvety, smooth finish. Ideal with grilled meat, roasts with side dishes including fruits or blackcurrent jam.

Vintage: 2017

Grape variety: 100% Merlot

Terrain: Saul-valley

Alcohol: 15 % vol.

Sugar content: 1 g/l

Total acidity: 4,7 g/l

Matured for 12 months in oak wood barrel



The true essence of the wine-county’s variety. It carries the excitingly brisk acidity of the blaufrankish laced up on the fierce robustness of the brends from bordeaux. All wrapped in a noble one with a spicey, piquant ribbon of the Kadarka’s on it.

Vintage: 2017

Grape variety: 35% Blaufrankish, 20%,
Cab. Sauvignon, 20% Cab. Franc,
20% Merlot, 5% Kadarka

Terrain: Előhegy, Saul-valley, Lányvár

Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 0,8 g/l

Total acidity: 4,9 g/l

Fermentation: reductive /matured
for 8 months in oak wood barrel



The new-barrel aging and the peculiar tannins of the grape variety give the depth of this, dense full-bodied opulent red. The subtle aromas of black current and dried plum pleasently blend with rich, dark chocolate and sweet paprika. Warm, spicey flavours are brought forth with a lingering finish.

Vintage: 2017

Grape variety: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Terrain: Előhegy

Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 1,1 g/l

Total alcohol: 5,4 g/l

Matured for 14 months in oak wood barrels



The last barrel of Franc bottled from 2012, a farewell to this spectacular vintage. Easily satisfies all our great expectations. Intense deep red color, thick, robust body, an aromatic palette outlined by black berries and fruity highlights. Velvety long finish to relish in the vehemence of the moment.

Vintage: 2017

Grape variety: 100% Cabernet Franc

Terrain: Előhegy

Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.

Sugar content: 1 g/l

Total alcohol: 5,2 g/l

Matured for 14 months in oak wood barrels

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7100 Szekszárd, Présház street 50.
7100 Szekszárd, Zápor street 27.

Prantner Ferenc: +36 70 336 0158
Prantner Gábor: +36 70 336 9870
Prantner Gergely: +36 30 602 3794


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